18 Feb 2003 (Ten-Tenths Marshal Forum)

Unfortunately I never got the chance to meet Andy but he was obviously dedicated to motorsport or else he would not have been where he was when "it" happened. That fact alone makes him a friend of mine, just as I view all other marshals as friends to turn to in "the hour of need".

Sorry I could not be more eloquent but "Once a Marshal, Always a Marshal"

I wish Judith every success with her website and hope it provides what she is looking for, whatever that may be.

Best regards from a fellow marshal.
24 Feb 2003

Hi Jude,
I didn't know Andy, although I've come to know a bit about him through his friends - Al, Martin and the rest of the guys from Brands. I think the website is a wonderful idea and it looks great.

There's nothing I can think of to say except that I feel deeply for your and your family. I think it's wonderful that you've decided to celebrate Andy's life rather than hide him away in a photo album somewhere. Some lives were meant to be shared. If there's anything I can help you with, please email me any time.

Best wishes, Ter
ri O'Leary
24 Feb 2003

Hi Judith,
I think the site is a marvellous idea and think it is a lovely way to remember your brother and his hobby. Please let me know what I can do to help. best wishes,

Rebecca Hobbs
24 Feb 2003 (Ten-Tenths Marshal Forum)

A lovely site - it's good to see a celebration of a life coming from the mourning of death. Folks, there's a serious shortage of photos of Andy marshalling. His sister has worked very hard on this, but there's only so much she can do! I know you lot - you hoard everything - so please dig into the photo albums and see what you can find!

Stercus Tauris
25 Feb 2003

What a lovely way to remember your brother. Andy was dedicated to motor sport, club meetings, GP's or Le Mans he didn't care as long as it had four wheels. We were always happy to see Andy and Chris at Brands Hatch everybody welcomed him and he was forever ready to talk about other circuits and races over a good breakfast before the start of a meeting.

For the last two years I have been lucky enough to be able to marshal at Le Mans on the same post (106) as Chris and Dave Hammond and knowing how much he loved the event I wish I had been there when he was as it is now my favourite race too.

I used to marshal the GP's at Silverstone but lost the good friend I used to go with and it never seemed the same when he was no longer there with me so I now look forward to June and Le Mans.

I do hope the web site is successful and shall be eager to read how other people remember Andy.

Dave Austin.
s Hatch.
27 Feb 2003

"I had the pleasure of working with Andy on that last day, and cruelly have been robbed of the memory of what we talked about that day. However, it sounds like we shared the same passions - Le Mans, Historics, good racing - and therefore the day will have been fun.

To Jude, and all other family members, I thank you for putting together this tribute. May you always be able to smile in the knowledge he enjoyed what he did at the tracks. My very best wishes to you all".

Steve Tarrant
5 March 2003

Hi Judith,

My name is Susan Marshall and I am Steve Tarrant's sister in law (Jackies older sister) who lives in South Africa. I arrived in the UK for a holiday with my two youngest children two days before the fatal accident that took your brothers life and nearly claimed Steve's. Most of my holiday was spent sitting with my sister and both sets of parents waiting to see if Steve was going to pull through. My boyfriend and myself decided in August 2002 to join the marshaling fraternity and qualified after an intense 4 months training. We are now Kyalami marshals and are very proud of what we do. We tell Andy and Steve's story over and over again in order to promote safety.

My boyfriend and myself will be over in the UK for a few weeks in June / July this year and are going to marshal at the Festival of Speed. I plan on visiting the accident scene and Andy's memorial stone and laying a flower in rememberance of his life and joy of motorsport.

God bless you and your family and may time heal the pain but retain the memories.

Best wishes Susan and John