To: Family of marshal Andrew Carpenter /
marshal Steve Tarrant

From: Ernest Nagamatsu D.D.S. Los Angeles, Ca..

Date: August 1, 2000

Re.Goodwood - Festival of Speed 2000

First of all, my wife and I extend to your family, our sincere sympathies and thoughts.

On that tragic weekend, I was racing the Old Yeller II and I was moved by the serious nature of the incident and fatal consequences during a run up the Hill. As I had promised to all of the fellow marshals at the Estate, I wrote a special tribute to marshal - Andrew Carpenter.

All of the marshals at Goodwood were so kind and professional during the weekend and it was a wonderful spirit to experience. I had sent that tribute to BARC and shared it with others.

Last week while racing at the Brian Redman International Challenge Race at Elkhart - Road America, I was given the coveted Dave Palmer Memorial Award. Dave Palmer was a marshal who had died of cancer several years ago and he was a key marshal in organizing and heading up the regional SCCA Marshals. The award is given for the "highest standards of driver sportsmanship"…voted on by the marshals and there were over 465 vintage drivers for the weekend. After the presentation by the wife and daughter of Dave Palmer, we were given the award plaque, decals for the Old Yeller II, and stipend… I shared with the marshals the emotional and special spirit of the BARC marshals of U.K. and also shared the "Tribute to a Fallen Marshal" … as the sun was low on the horizon in Wisconsin. It seemed like the "spirit of BARC" had been carried across for that special moment and to share the story was meaningful for myself... and the crew. Later the group of Marshals came to our paddock for photos and while at the trailer door, Gretchen Palmer (daughter) came to me in tears and we talked… I said that marshals have that special fire and passion for something that they believe in with a pure sense of responsibility and she will be gifted with her father's spirit. That moment with Gretchen was the award…

Again, we extend our deepest condolences and wish you strength during this difficult time.

Ernie Nagamatsu
Tribute to a Fallen Marshal
by E.T. Nagamatsu - Old Yeller II
If I could, I would, attend my last meeting of marshals in the morning to receive my last instructions of the day.

If I could, I would, put on my orange uniform of BARC one last time, as it was a symbol of the legacy of the organisation and all of those who served before me… all with a singular purpose and passion for the sport.

If I could, I would, walk to my assigned station and survey the course to make sure it would be absolutely safe for drivers using the course…
for safety for others was always paramount in my mind.

If I could, I would, share the camaraderie with the other marshals as we truly shared a vision and objective for the day…
regardless of the weather and situation at hand.

If I could, I would, I would walk my section of the course one last time and recall the many courses and turns I have walked… with clear eyes to make sure I did not miss a thing, as safety and the love of the sport came first.

If I could, I would, feel the sights, smells and sounds of the race- cars flying by and never losing my focus of the day.

If I could, I would, salute back to the drivers for a job well done one last time …for the salute back was to know that I had done my job well…
as well.

If I could, I would, raise the flag one last time and I did not realize that my checkered flag unfurled high in the sky would touch the face of God... and he was 'flagging' me home as well."

Old Yeller II